Barone Will Be a Guest of the Sailing Trophy

Alex Barone from a former nautical student and also offshore world champion will be a guest of the sailing trophy.

“I’m from Messina and I graduated from Caius Duilio, if I remember well in 1987 section A students indoor, I boarded and I was around the world and I came to the command of merchant units, I lived several years in various parts of the globe and the last years in the Middle East in Dubai and then two years ago I returned to Italy “.

So Alex Barone successful entrepreneur trained at the Nautico who will take part in the sailing trophy organized by the Caio Duilio that will be held in the days of 21, 22 and May 23 and will culminate in San Salvatore fort within the military base.

“I have always had a passion for boating – the former student of the Caio Duilio confesses – I have built boats of various kinds even exclusive, the last one we built has won the 2nd prize of elegance at the Cannes show last year. We are proud of it because it represents Italian excellence. My passion is motor sport and it was an honor to have brought the Italian flag on the highest step of the podium of the Offshore World Championship “.

And after having brought the tricolor to the top step, Barone announced the partnership between the Ulysses Cantieri Navali, of which he is President the engineer Daniele Rizzo founder of the brand Aurea Yacht.

“I am honored – said Alex Barone – to have been appointed Ambassador and Commercial Representative of Aurea Yachts. We made use of the best technology and workmanship, to create a boat that represented the excellence of Made in Italy, Aurea Yachts is a new and young brand that represents one of the most elegant and interesting novelties in the Italian nautical scene.  In fact created a new concept of “pleasure boat” to experience the sea. It is the first shipyard in Europe to have created a motorized catamaran designed exclusively for pleasure craft. We presented the first boat during the Cannes Boat Show in September 2017 and was immediately noticed by the general public, unexpectedly winning the second prize as the most elegant boat of 2017. During the Salone di Genova 2017 instead, Rai wanted to make a service of dedicated test, recognizing it as one of the Italian excellences and most relevant innovations of the last years, then doing a service dedicated to Tg1 Motori “.

So a Messinese doc, able to give prestige to the city of the Strait as underlined by the dean of Caio Duilio, Professor Maria Schirò “We are happy with the wonderful accomplishments made by Alex and proud of how he brought the name of our city and our school high that he saw him grow up “.