Bavaria Downsizing

A message from the German Radio Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), according to which the shipyard had to lay off people and apply for short-time working, is partly wrong, according to Bavaria press spokesman.

A message distributed by the BR has probably not only alarmed the Bavaria management, but also the employees of the large-scale shipyard. According to the BR, this company terminated 29 of its 550 employees for work-related reasons and also applied for short-time work for the period from June to October. The station relies on information from the works council of the shipyard and the IG Metall.

View from the Bavaria production

The shipyard management denies the message on Tuesday. Bavaria spokesman Marcus Schlichting emphasized that so far no short-time work had been requested.

Schlichting says, “What is right is that the shipyard management is currently negotiating with the works council for a new, flexible working time model.” This was necessary because it was no longer possible to fall back on up to 100 temporary workers as before, but instead with a larger firm. However, as the order situation is still subject to seasonal fluctuations – in the winter half-year, the shipyard is naturally more heavily utilized than in the summer half-year – correspondingly there is a fluctuating need for manpower, especially in production.

Now, the company wants to react to this with a flexible working time model, which the works council is apparently reluctant to do. While Bavaria CEO Michael Müller explains; “We are in the middle of the reorganization of Bavaria. We are changing and improving the company in many areas, including to achieve more flexible production. The goal is to work according to the principle of a breathing factory.” And further: “We are currently talking to the works council about the content of the design.”

“Only if the works council definitely did not agree to a new working time model would the shipyard have to check the short-time working option.” said Schlichting.

Regarding the dismissals mentioned in the BR report, the spokesman also corrected: “It was not 29, but in the course of a production optimization 24 employees were dismissed.” However, this is not to be regarded as evidence of a crisis. “On the contrary, we are even hiring new people in other divisions,” says Schlichting.

The figures given in the BR report for this year (November 2018 to 31 July 2019) include 350 motor boats and also sailing yachts and 450 for the next financial year (1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020).