Best places to visit when cruising in Turkey

Turkey is a gorgeous holiday destination now more popular than ever. Lively, charming and endlessly beautiful country with many astounding hidden bays, islands and places worth of visiting make Turkey a great cruising destination.

Here is the ultimate list of best places to visit when cruising in Turkey.


Bodrum is a district and a port city in Muğla Province that stretches from Turkey’s southwest coast into the Aegean Sea. You can’t miss seeing this once a calm small fishing village, it’s now an important touristic destination. Many cruises start and end in this gorgeous town since the town is very well positioned and close to the Airport. Bodrum will mesmerize you with its diversity since it is a perfect mix of commercial, cultural and the unique. There are many interesting and unspoiled areas, the large art community, natural beauty, lively streets… Basically, it has something for everyone. The gem of a city is, however, the Bodrum Castle built in the 15th century, that overlooks the town and marina.

Ölü Deniz Blue Lagoon

Ölü Deniz is a very well known place and the most photographed beach in Europe. This is an amazing place to stop when cruising since here you can enjoy in all the fun that summer brings! Have the option of paragliding from Babadağ Mountain (2000 m) or if you are not much of a sports enthusiast you can just admire the beauty of the place and all the breathtaking view. Whatever your option ends up making sure to bring your camera to capture the magnificent blue waters stunning vies and paragliders floating above the beach. The beach offers a lot of space and very clear sea perfect for diving, swimming, and snorkeling.


The beautiful town of Marmaris is located in the southwest of Turkey in Muğla province. It is by far one of the largest natural harbors in the world and for many reasons a very popular holiday spot for tourists and cruisers. The big advantage of the town is that it has good connections, a convenient airport nearby with regular connected flights. Once you head out to the town you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature, striking architecture and historical sites. The heart of the town is a little plaza that leads into the old town full of vivid colors of traditional local cafes and restaurants that will impress you. However, if you decide to venture out and try some of the local food then you will be fully amazed because Turkish food is absolutely delicious!


Göcek should be on your route list because this natural harbor lying at the head of the Gulf of Fethiye on the Turquoise coast of Turkey is a remarkable place to stop by on your cruise. The city is framed and protected by striking beautiful mountains and Gocek overlooks numerous islands and sheltered bays that you can see if you go for a hike. When you head out to the city center, you can’t miss along charming street called Turgut Özal Street. Here you will find many outlets, antique shops, restaurants etc. Crystal clear waters of Göcek make this place also ideal for swimming and snorkeling experiences so bringing an underwater camera wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.


Port city Fethiye is another important destination. You can carelessly stroll around the old town where you will come across many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Lively atmosphere and true way of local life can be felt everywhere but especially around local markets where you can stop by and buy fresh delicious and traditional food. Besides exploring the town there are many stunning beaches that might get busy on the weekends with local people but still, they are great to visit.