Burger Boat’s new luxury super yacht

Burger Boat Co. launched its latest superyacht Thursday in Manitowoc, christening the boat Northland.

The yacht, a 103-foot steel and aluminium expedition-style motor yacht, is Burger’s first steel-hulled yacht since 1963 and is the first steel and aluminium yacht built by Burger, according to the Manitowoc company’s representatives. Ron Cleveringa, Burger’s vice president of sales and marketing, called the latest member of the Burger fleet a “unique product.”

“It shows our broad capability to build what you’re looking for,” he said.

Cleveringa wouldn’t discuss the identity of the owner, merely saying they are based in the Midwest, and also wouldn’t disclose how much the yacht cost. However, internet listings for a 1999 Burger 103-foot model show boats of that length list for nearly $3 million even when they’re almost two decades old.

The reason why such yachts are so expensive is because they are full custom made, Cleveringa insisted.

“It’s exactly what that particular owner wanted,” he said. “It meets their specific requirements. You will never see another boat like this one in the world.”

Cleveringa added that Northland boasts six bedrooms — one for the owner, three for guests and two for the crew — as well as a unique fishing cockpit on the back of the boat.

The new yacht was designed by Miami designer Luiz De Basto, who runs international yacht design firm De Basto Designs. After Thursday, the boat will undergo dock trials and “rigorous sea trials” in Lake Michigan before launching its “departure voyage” to its new owner.

“It’s a pretty cool yacht, bottom line,” Cleveringa said.