CARAT 187 Superyacht Concept

Carat 187 is a dramatic 187 ft superyacht concept created by an international design team responsible for award winning projects in the luxury transport design sector.

Transitioning across the luxury transport sector after considerable work in the aviation field like the IXION windowless jet, Technicon from France has conceptualized the ‘carat 187’, a dramatic 187-foot superyacht. The design once again offers luxury in mobility yet does so with a focus on the sense of occasion and distinct exclusivity that only boating can offer.

The project was envisioned by Gareth Davies, European Design Director at Technicon Design.

“In our work across various domains of transport design, my team and I have developed a real understanding of the needs of a very particular client profile associated to our projects in private aviation , supercar design and luxury retail.

“So, it was a very natural progression for us to apply this understanding, along with our core skillset in creative design, to a Superyacht project.

“Inspired by our own work for exclusive clients in the private aviation sector, I briefed our talented design team to create a concept that embodies the sense of occasion and exclusivity that are required to fully engage clients in the Superyacht marketplace.

“We had a specific aesthetic code and a dramatic central theme in mind at the outset of the project. This allied to the idea that, at its heart, the concept should have a real air of majesty, with sublime detailing and surface treatment. For such discerning clients it is crucial to create a sensational visual and tactile experience.

“Throughout the creative process I have guided and motivated our close-knit team to adhere to these principals and ensure that the project meets our usual high standards . I think the results speak for themselves”.

Technicon designed with the aim of breaking the norms in superyacht design. from afar, ‘carat 187’ displays an impressive silhouette on the water. However, up close, the uniqueness of the exterior truly comes to light. An asymmetrical shell mixes sculptural shapes on one side and softer, simpler surfaces on the other, creating two facets with different personalities: introvert and extrovert. the result is atypical and exaggerated yet still ultra-luxurious.

This exclusive elegance was paramount to techicon’s design. Within the precise technical package of the superyacht, sublime detailing and surface treatment has been applied. As a symbol of luxury, a ‘red carpet’ theme inspired many features, most notably the two dramatic articulated stairs at the rear. Whilst cruising the seas, these details deliver a sensational visual and tactile experience for the owner and guests.