Charlie Sheen and a bevy of buxom beauties on luxury yacht

Charlie Sheen was spotted filming a commercial for Australian automotive servicing and roadside assist company, Ultra Tune in Melbourne last year.

Now, Daily Mail Australia can reveal a first look of the brand’s summer campaign featuring the former Two and a Half Men star, which is set to air on Monday.

In the television commercial, Charlie, 53, is seen rescuing a bevy of buxom beauties from a watery demise after their pink car malfunctioned near a wharf and plunged into the water.

At the beginning of the ad, four scantily-clad women are seen njoying a joyride in the Barbie-esque convertible along a picturesque wharf in the Victorian capital.

However the girls’ trip took a nosedive moments later when the brakes of their Volkswagen’s appeared to fail metres from the end of the pier.

As the vehicle hurtled into the air, the quartet were flung into the water below.

Meanwhile, Charlie is seen reclining on a plush lounge with a fishing rod in hand while luxuriating inside his lavish liner.

Clad in a blue-and-white nautical ensemble, the actor looked every inch the relaxed fisherman as he sipped a beverage and said: ‘Feeling lucky!’

However, he was surprised to see the woman helplessly waving from the water.

‘Woman overboard. Lots of them!’ he gasped.

In the next scene, the US star is seen helping the sopping wet woman onto his yacht.

‘Welcome aboard!’ Charlie declared, before telling the camera cheekily: ‘And I’m all out of towels! Winning!’

In the final scene, the actor is seen mingling with the women before one brunette asks him: ‘Do you have a phone?’

‘Oh selfie… I do these all the time!’ Charlie aloofly replied.

The brunette stunner was seen rolling her eyes as she grabbed the mobile phone off Charlie to call for help.

‘Avoid unexpected situations. Get your car serviced at UltraTune!’ a male voiceover is heard announcing at the end of the commercial.

Controversial actor Charlie was once the highest paid TV star before being booted off Two and a Half Men and replaced by Ashton Kutcher in 2011.

At the time, Charlie gave a rambling interview on America’s Today show.

‘I’m different,’ he said. ‘I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man,’ he declared.

In June 2016, Charlie admitted he was concentrating on working out and eating better. He said at the time: ‘Now it’s exercise, diet. I don’t go on benders, I don’t drink as much.’

Charlie previously claimed he’s been off hard drugs for a year and rarely touches alcohol.

Recently, he admitted he has been suffering with ‘borderline dementia’ due to the side effects of his HIV medication.

Watch the latest Ultra Tune commercial featuring Charlie Sheen…