Claasen launches 30m yacht Reesle following extensive refit

The 30.4-metre classic sailing yacht Reesle has touched water at Claasen Shipyards in the Netherlands having undergone an extensive refit. Originally built in 1995 by Engelaer Scheepsbouw with an interior and exterior design by Hoek Design, Claasen Shipyard’s yard manager Wouter van Rijn has described her refit as “a complete makeover”.

Claasen Shipyard began refit on 30m sailing yacht Reesle on October 2017.

In addition to a full metallic paint job and upgrades to her interior, Reesle received a new monitoring system and two Scania main engines. Now that she has been relaunched, Reesle is ready to continue exploring the seas with her owner along with eight guests and a crew of four.

“It makes me feel proud to see this yacht still so well used. Back in 1995, Reesle was one of the first superyachts and a big boat for that time. The original build owner still owns the yacht after 24 years. This shows how timeless the design is. Claasen gave Reesle a great facelift preparing her for the future,” commented designer André Hoek.