Francesco Cantando Confirms Greg Foster as New Teammate

Francesco Cantando has confirmed that American Greg Foster will join him at Blaze Performance.

Foster, from Anaheim Hills, Orange, California is highly regarded and one of the most experienced racers on the North American tour and ranks 5th of all time with 15 victories from 73 starts and more recently has been competing with Dillard Racing.

He made is racing debut in 1974 in the 72cc Inboard Hydro Class, earning the title of National High Points Champion in the same year. Over the years he has competed in the ABPA, IOGP, NGK, F1 PROP, F1 Champ series, winning the F1 Prop title in 2001 and 2002. He stepped back from racing from 2004-15, then returning and winning the IOGP Championship in 2017.

The American is brought in to replace Simone Schuft and makes his UIM F1H2O World Championship debut at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia in Dammam on 28-30 March.