Furrion Design Edition 78HT by Numarine

The Numarine 78-foot Adonis concept has a built-in digital concierge to look after your every need on and off the water. Furrion unveils the crown jewel of its concept fleet: Adonis, a 78-foot customized Numarine yacht. Furrion partnered with Numarine yachts to build an entirely new experience on water. Furrion’s hardware and software solutions, combined with prestige boat building, gave birth to a masterful blend of artistry, design and advanced technology.

The technology is built into the Adonis, a 78-foot motor yacht dreamed up by Turkish shipwrights Nuramine. Other more familiar Furrion technology virtually built into the equally virtual floating palace includes cutting-edge audiovisual and monitoring systems, cameras, and a comprehensively kitted-out kitchen.

Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the consumer, specialty vehicle and marine markets. Furrion, a company more known more for its cutting-edge TVs, stoves and fridges than its sea legs. The company has unveiled a voice-activated 78-foot motor yacht concept at the temple of geek, the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This is the first time ever that a yacht has appeared at CES, and it marks an expansion into more marine concepts at the show. Firstly, Adonis is a luxury smart yacht – a concept that combines luxury with futuristic innovation and artificial intelligence. Therefore, this yacht houses the best of Furrion’s technology, from audiovisual electronics, kitchen appliances, camera observation and monitoring.

The “virtual concierge” voice recognition system, called Angel to make it a bit more human. Also, uses the technology built into it to recognise a face, and then adjust everything to that person’s liking.

Furrion appears to be making a pitch to have more of its products built into boats, including its marine-rated solar power products.