High-tech Arcana ready to disrupt explorer yacht market

Eric Hansen, owner of Hansen Marine Exploration tells the story behind the development of his eco-friendly and high-tech superyacht Arcana set to be delivered by JFA. Put up for sale through Yachting Partners International, the 38-meter explorer offers a whole range of unique features, from advanced propulsion adapted from commercial vessels, to a patented submarine launch system, for an ultimate long-range travel experience.

“I was always interested in developing a boat that combines travel and exploration,” says Eric Hansen, owner of Marine Exploration as he explains his vision for the design of Arcana:

“For me, it is a pity that these beautiful yachts just do a few rounds up and down the shore and don’t really travel: I wanted to develop an elegant yacht for exploration and travel with long range,” he claims. “

The starting point for this explorer project was the desire to create “something new”, a different boat capable of cruising to places not touched by civilization. At the Singapore Yacht Show in 2013, Eric met the naval architect Horacio Bozzo, who could immediately see how the initial concept could be brought to life.

Designed to leave the least carbon print possible, the boat boasts diesel-electric propulsion, allowing for a remarkable 4.000 nautical miles range at a cruising speed of 10 to 12 knots. Her non-toxic hull antifouling coating with non-biocide-release is meant to prevent harm to marine life. Even the teak of her decking is renewable. Moreover, thanks to the smart dynamic positioning the yacht can access sensitive areas, without disturbing seabeds or dropping anchors on corals.

As a result, Arcana exceeds all existent environment protection requirements, including IMO Tier 3 for nitrogen oxide emissions.

As for her Azumuth Thrusters – marine propellers that rotate 360°around the vertical axis – they ensure improved stability and agility in comparison with conventional propulsion system. Being common with support vessels that have to maintain their position next to oil platforms, this technology onboard the superyacht enables her to stay on station in a specific location for hours, while dramatically reducing vibration and noise.

Another innovative feature is a patented automated submarine launch system, purpose-designed for a 3-man piloted U-Boat Worx submarine.

“When you go exploring, you can scuba to maybe 30 meters, a bit more if you’re qualified, but there are a lot of very interesting sub-sea or underwater things you cannot see if you don’t have a smart submarine,” Eric points out.

The mechanism allows a controlled launch and recovery that feels safer that traditional launches by crane. Passengers can board the submarine directly from the yacht, launch gently to the water and come back the same way. Besides, the submarine launch doubles as a dive-board or slide base.

With its submarine, shallow draft and advanced exploration technology, Arcana is an ideal yacht for discovering the remote islands of Asia, as Eric suggests:

“You can go to a very small cove or a small remote fishing port at the far end of Indonesia or the Philippines, and just turn around very easily with dynamic positioning. Myanmar is opening to yachting, and it is a pristine world for diving with few yachts available there. Palau has shark sanctuaries ideal to explore on a submarine. Asia is a wonderful playground for yachting and exploration”.

As far as the Arcana’s elegant profile is concerned, it embodies functionality and style, as the following video shows without any further ado.