In Build: Natalya 86 Motor Yacht

​Natalya Yachts is currently building the Natalya 86 and we are shedding some light on the build as this one has slipped under the radar. As far as we know, she doesn’t have a builder and is being constructed on speculation with the hopes of gaining an owner soon. Her completion time is expected towards the end of 2018. However, the yard suggests that if an owner takes her up soon that she can be completed in about eight month time. The yacht is being built in Turkey as the build name might hint at “Natalya” (Antalya).

The builder is called AvA Yachts based in Antalya and the company has built a few yachts before, but this one is taking their repertoire further. There is still a good market for sub 100-footers and they are hoping to tap into that market. AvA Yachts is a fairly versatile company building vessels in wood, steel, aluminium and fiberglass. The company also handles most aspects of the build process so interior and fit-out is overseen by them. She is a long range cruiser and will be able to travel approximately 2,700 nautical miles at a consistent 8 to 10-knot speed. She is powered by a pair of Cummins diesels rated at around 330 horse power each. However, if needed, the throttles can be maxed resulting in a 15-knot top speed.

Onboard, there is accommodation for up to eight guests. Remember the yacht is being built on speculation so any owner can come onboard now and have the chance to be able to customize the interior layout and fit and finishes to their desires. Up to four crew members can be accommodated according to preliminary figures. The yacht is 26.2-meters LOA or around 86.46-feet. The draft is only 3.6-feet, can you believe that?