Independence Cruiser IC39 Passagemaker

​New German boat builder Independence Cruiser presented their IC39 Passagemaker. The boat appeared to have been launched towards the end of 2017 but a Press Release was given at the start of this year.

The vessel is 12-meters LOA (11.95-meters) and around 3.60-meters wide and made in GRP materials. It isn’t a large boat by an standard but it should be comfortable for two to four persons. Why the company chose to name themselves and the model Independence? Independence relates to the large fuel and water tanks, the solar panels, the battery capacity as well as to the modern and fuel efficient engine. These facets help to make autonomy more of a standard notion rather than a luxury.

Engine power is around 115-horsepower and feed from 800 liter capacity fuel tanks. As you would expect with a vessel this size the displacement is not going to be substantial. In fact, dry weight it only weighs around 5.6-tonnes and drawing only 85 centimeters! The yacht is perfect for cruising around the tight canals and waterways in Europe especially those that have draft and height restrictions. The Independence IC39 is approximately 3.30-meters of bridge clearance.


For more information:
Independence Cruiser GmbH
Geschäftsführer: Peter Wanninger
Eckart-Ulmann-Straße 10
79219 Staufen im Breisgau