Indiana Super Cool on the water

Unlike surfing, Stand Up Paddling is also comfortable. The pace ranges from relaxed to ambitious and can be adapted to your own strength. Territory comes into question, from sea to lake, from canal to river. Those who are sure of their own will participate in SUP races. There are then as sleek models as the carbonboards of Indiana Sup in use.

However, the simple all-round boards are also enough to take on board – sometimes the SUP board can sometimes replace the dinghy. In case of space problems, the inflatable models are so small that they fit into each box.

The Indiana Sup brand produces a wide range of all-round, touring, race or wave boards. Always special in design and always in the best value for money. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or professional, with the Indian brand you are always on the right track and quality.

Indiana Sup is not only a trendsetter, but as an innovative manufacturer, they also ventures into unusual ideas, which were presented at boot Dusseldorf. A board with foils is included as well as a SUP with solar panel. In addition Indiana Sup offers the matching paddles, accessories and a trendy fashion line.