Inouï – Green Superyacht Sailing Yacht

Long before any design appeared on paper, just two things were decided about Marco Vögele’s new yacht, the 33.4m Vitters Inouï – her color and her name.

Vögele owned the Philippe Briand-designed and Royal Huisman-built 32m sailing yacht Gliss, whose performance in cruiser-racer regattas had been turning heads for a while, as had her spectacular turquoise hull color. One of the main topics of conversation aboard any of Vögele’s yachts had always been ‘the next yacht’ and as both Vögele and his partner Francesca are in the fashion business it was natural that color would be a key decision.

Trends were moving towards exciting new shades, and as they flipped through a range of new fabrics, a vibrant green seemed a suitably dramatic choice. A yacht of that color would certainly excite the senses, so Inouï – meaning ‘extraordinary’ or ‘amazing’ in French – was an appropriate name.

But color was not to be the only exciting aspect: the whole of Inouï’s building team would turn out to be a Who’s Who of yacht design and construction. “We worked so well with Philippe Briand, who really understood what we wanted when building Gliss,” explains Vögele, “that we decided to repeat the process.”

“We wanted the yachting equivalent of a sports car,” Vögele continues, “and with today’s crowded roads and speed restrictions, the appearance of a sports car is even more important than blistering performance. Sure, we wanted a fast and exciting cruiser/racer but also a comfortable yacht we could anchor off a beach and enjoy ourselves, and we didn’t want to compromise this by putting performance above everything else.”