Naarstad Joins Norwegian Yacht Voyages

Aspiring luxury expedition cruise line Norwegian Yacht Voyages made a number of announcements, including welcoming Helge R Naarstad as chairman of the board.

Naarstad was formerly president of Norwegian Caribbean Line and also started Sea Goddess, the first true luxury cruise line.

Norwegian Yacht Voyages, led by Ulf Henrick Wynnsdale, president and CEO, intends to offer a luxury expedition product, with the first of a number of ships launching in the early 2020s and offering worldwide deployment.

Einar Hareide, an award-winning Norwegian industrial designer most known as the Design Director of SAAB motor cars for 15 years, has designed the ships. In addition, Petter Yran has joined the project, as has Deltamarin, which recently worked on the Titanic II.

The LNG-ships are said to be about 30,000 tons with capacity for around 220 guests.