Nail-biting finish in 2017 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Wild Oats XI has staged a stunning comeback to cross the line first in the 2017 Sydney to Hobart in race record time.

The supermaxi edged out key rival LDV Comanche at the eleventh hour in the River Derwent.

As she crossed the finish line next to the CSIRO building at 9.49pm, the noise was deafening as hundreds of fans cheered after the winning siren sounded.

With the Derwent lit up by hundreds of navigation lights and flashing cameras, Wild Oats edged past Comanche — which led for the majority of the race — near South Arm about 9pm.

The crew then tacked east towards Tranmere at 9.30pm. They then made a sharp tack at 9.45pm before crossing the line at 9.49pm to thunderous applause.

Comanche followed at 10.15pm.