Orams to Create Refit Site in Auckland

If all goes according to plan, Orams Marine Services will be running a new superyacht service facility in Auckland by the America’s Cup races there in 2021. It just signed a development agreement for a site in the city’s Wynyard Quarter. What’s more, it has a 125-year lease on the grounds.

The deal requires government approval, since Orams’ parent company is an Australian firm. That firm, Ariadne, expects a decision in late March.

With approval, development may start in June. Once opened, the new facility in Wynyard Quarter will encompass 1.64 hectares. The site is next to Orams Marine Village, where the refit specialist currently operates. Two large work sheds, a handful of smaller sheds, and two mixed-use buildings are in the plans. Neven Barbour, Orams’ chief executive, tells it will spend about US$67.5 million to complete the project. Interestingly, a residential building might also see construction. However, since it’s not yet final, Barbour says, the cost isn’t included in the figure. “The current focus is on the marine infrastructure and buildings to ensure they are completed in time for the America’s Cup,” he says.

Once done, the Orams Wynyard Quarter property will triple the company’s ability to service vessels. Those include ferries, besides megayachts. A hauling lift coming to the new site will handle vessels to 800 tons. A variety of contractors already lease space at Orams Marine Village, so Barbour expects some to expand to Wynyard Quarter, too. Additional, new contractors may also become tenants.

Because the Wynyard Quarter land is public, Orams is receiving a 125-year lease. That lease also applies to its current premises. On a related note, plans to develop Wynyard Quarter for superyacht service go back several years. In 2012, for example, Auckland’s mayor proposed redeveloping it for a then US$36 million megayacht drydock.