Phasor Hits Commercial Milestone

The antenna manufacturer has hit a commercial milestone with $300 million worth of contracts…

US antenna manufacturer, Phasor has announced that it has reached an important milestone in its trading history, having secured over $300 million worth of contracts.

Facilitating the ability to provide high-bandwidth service in a more robust and reliable way, Phasor has developed a series of electronically steerable antenna systems (ESAs), which provide superyachts with enhanced connectivity at sea.

Phasor claims its ESAs facilitate faster and more cost-effective mobile broadband access, an area which is often considered to be problematic at sea.

David Helfgott, CEO of Phasor comments, “These contracts demonstrate Phasor’s progression from a technology development firm to a products company focussed on delivering enterprise-grade ESAs to commercial mobile broadband markets.”

According to Phasor, their series of low profile, ESAs are solid-state with no moving parts, which facilitates the electronic tracking of satellite signals. The system works through antennas which have the capacity to scale to any use-case requirement, including fixed or mobile. Concealable within the yacht’s design, Phasor antenna systems are available in either a flat or conformal shape, suited to support fixed satellite networks, High Throughput Satellite networks and Non-Geosynchronous satellite networks.

In the coming months, the American company is expecting to announce additional contracts across its commercial mobile broadband and government Communications-on-the-move (COTM) markets, which includes the superyacht industry.