PO Marine Provides Fuel to Luxury Superyacht Ace

87M luxury Ace superyacht of Samvel Karpatyen supplied 450 Tons of fuel. Petrol Ofisi is one of Turkey’s important company in the marine industry. With the brand PO Marine refuel fuel to billionaire Russian businessman Samvel Karapetyan’s luxury superyacht.

That is to say, the superyacht Ace is 87 meter (285ft) superyacht by Lurssen and delivered in 2012. The refueling organized by 20 land tankers where superyacht Ace anchored in Marmaris Cruise Port. Samvel Karapetyan is an Armenian billionaire and the founder of the Tashir Group.

PO Marine has a leading position in the domestic market on marine fuel. Petrol Ofisi Commercial and Industrial Sales Director Ulvi Kılıç said “We are the only brand that is capable for refueling on sea all around Turkey. At the same time, we are able to respond to the demands of all types of fuel and lubricants anywhere in the world. With the power of Petrol Ofisi brand and experienced, expert team in the maritime sector, we are able to achieve the success of our distribution network and customer satisfaction sustainable in the maritime sector.

Meanwhile, the luxury superyacht Ace moored about 1 week at Marmaris, one of Turkey’s most popular tourism centers. The yacht features accommodations for 12 guests in 6 spectacular staterooms, with a crew of 28. In addition,Her lines and interior were both created by Andrew Winch Designs. Billionaire Russian oligarch Samvel Karapetyan’s super luxury yacht is known as $ 120 million value. Samvel’s brother Karen Karapetyan is the Prime Minister of Armenia. Certainly, Karen was preciously mayor of Armenia’s capital Yerevan and he was CEO of Gazprom Armenia.