Sanlorenzo Announces Its Three Superyachts

Three motoryachts that Sanlorenzo will bring to the Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous (VYR) in Viareggio. From 10 to 13 May in the dock of the world capital of yachting, the shipyard born in Limite sull’Arno (the world cradle of yachting as recalled by Lamberto Tacoli, president of Nautica Italiana) and today with production facilities in Ameglia, the headquarters, to Viareggio and La Spezia, where their larger models take shape, will make available to visitors and professionals three iconic examples of its extensive production.

The first, but only in order of increasing size, is the home puppy, the Sanlorenzo SL78. A planning hull yacht built in fiberglass. 25 meters long, it is the entry level of the Sanlorenzo fleet, which includes a 64-meter superyacht. Born in 2016, over a year and a half has already been offered in 12 copies. Specimens that represent more a group of brothers, each one with its specific characteristics, that a serial reproduction. As it is in the DNA of the yard, in fact, every launch is the putting in water of a boat made to measure according to the specific requests of the customer.

According to the fruit of the barley tree Sanlorenzo is an example of the SD line, the one made up of composite yachts with semi-displacement hulls. Range well appreciated by ship owners: more than 30 representatives of this series boasts three models between 92 and 126 feet. To make a good show at VYR 2018 there will be the SD112 a yacht with exterior lines inspired by the iconic transatlantic liners of the 30s, 33.6 meters long characterized by large volumes with captivating features such as terraces opening in the living room or windows opening of the owner’s suite.

The dimensional apex of the models on display is the SL118, the largest of the planning yachts produced by Sanlorenzo, a 36 meters fiberglass, characterized by the unmistakable Sanlorenzo lines, which are here enhanced by the superstructure that acquires an even sportier look without losing the family feeling and the elegantly classic appearance. Among its peculiarities are the opening windows and the tilted walled terraces to always have a direct contact with the sea even on a yacht of this size.

In the 60 years of life, and with over 600 yachts launched, Sanlorenzo has always been able to stay at the forefront of the yacht design world, so much so that in 2014 it became the second shipyard in the world for the production of pleasure boats and yachts over 24 meters in length. All this without ever disavowing one’s own tradition or genes. The classic style, never too much projected towards the stylistic avant-gardes, has been able to renew itself constantly, demonstrating a rare adaptive capacity.

Today it offers the market four different lines for four different types of shipowners. The SL is characterized by planed yachts, therefore dedicated to those looking for brilliant performance without sacrificing the comfort and customization that a hull of at least 24 meters can have.

The SD line, semi-displacement, is designed for those who prefer the longest navigations, which require autonomy that only a hull able to navigate efficiently in displacement can guarantee, but without forcing the owner to give up higher speeds, the SD have speed flagship around 17 knots.

The SX line is the most imaginative of the family, and the skill of the yard’s style office has been to generate a child out of the box even with the undoubted characteristics of Sanlorenzo. Here the command post on the upper deck can become both a closed and air-conditioned environment and a terrace open to the sea breeze. A solution that leaves the main deck free from bow to stern to create a large open space worthy of a much more voluminous yacht.

The Superyacht line is the most versatile in terms of style and typology and includes models built in aluminum, such as 40 meters, a very elegant 46 meter explorer that has magnificently interpreted the style of the typology without distorting the elegance and the identifying figures of Sanlorenzo and others three steel models from 46 to 64 meters. And like snowflakes, there is not one like the other.