Sanlorenzo introduces brand new SD96 model

Italian yacht builder Sanloremzo has presented the brand new 28 metre SD96 yacht. The next entry-level model of the yard’s long-established SD line, during the Milan Triennale press conference.

The semi-displacement superyacht model will replace the previous SD92 launched in 2007, representing the natural evolution of the stylistic features of Sanlorenzo yard.

Featuring exteriors by Bernardo Zuccon from the Italy-based Zuccon International Project, the outer appearance of SD96 relies on historical traditional patterns. Drawing inspiration from transatlantic liners of the 1930s, the designers have strived to create an elegant and classical model for modern clients.

Minimalist look

Bernardo Zuccon reflects on the project; “Hermetically closed at sea, when at anchor the yacht gives the owner the chance to optimise the quality of life on-board and satisfy their need to enjoy their time in the ideal conditions. This work was carried on without ever losing sight of two key factors: the volumetric balance of the stylistic features, which contribute to harmonising the proportions, and respect for such a deeply-rooted, indispensable and solid brand image.”

He adds, that the choice of glass technology that is chromatically similar to the hull, will demolish the perception of ‘empty spaces’; giving the surface a minimalist look, projects it back to practically the most archaic image.

Furthermore, the new model showcases interior designs by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola. Again, the streamlined minimalist approach to the space combines materials that mirror the flow of the ocean.

Massimo Perotti, the chairman of Sanlorenzo, commented; “I chose Patricia because I wanted to add a more feminine touch to the interiors in Sanlorenzo yachts, something which until now had been foreign to the nautical world. And today she is the most sought-after woman in global design thanks to her ability to combine beauty and comfort. All done with a touch of irony and almost poetic sensitivity, with love for all that is glocal and a great respect for the hard work of the artisans.”

The Sanlorenzo shipyard with headquarters in La Spezia, has been building motor yachts since 1958; with only a limited number of made-to-measure units per year. The yard has recently presented its new asymmetric model, SL96. What is more, the yard has just launched its current flagship, the 64-metre Attila.