Teos Marina renewed 5 Gold Anchors

Teos Marina, at Seferihisar Sığacık, the district of İzmir, was again deemed worthy of 5 gold anchor certificates by The Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA). Teos Marina is located within Seferihisar, Turkey’s first “Cittaslow” (city of quiet and slow life). The marina respectively within its oldest settlement in the territory, the ancient Teos.

Service Quality of Teos Marina certified by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism with 5 anchors, now awarded again with 5 Gold Anchors by the International Accreditation Program of The Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA).

Teos Marina is 50km from Izmir International Airport, which has many direct flights to both national and international airports. Teos Marina, which started to serve in 2010, was entitled to be among the marinas providing service in the scope of International Quality Standards by THYA (The Yacht Harbor Assc.) For the first time in 2011 they had won 5 Golden Anchor, by providing high quality mooring, technical, security and cleaning and social facilities quality.

In 2012, Teos Marina proved its sensitivity to the environment and was awarded the Blue Flag certificate from FEE (The Foundation for Environmental Education). In 2016, the IMC (International Marine Certification Institute) selected as the 5 Blue Star Marina, one of the marinas of 14 having in the world and it was one of two marinas in Turkey. Teos Marina, recently supervised by The Yacht Harbor Association team, has been awarded again five gold anchor certificates.

After a busy summer season (98 percent occupancy )with a sea capacity of 480 and 80 capacity at berth. The campaigns offered by the marina for all budgets attracted great attention among seafarers and reached 100%.

Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Günlü said, As Teos Marina, we are ready to make all kinds of preparations and to offer a comfortable winter in the natural port next to İzmir. In order to meet the intense demand for Teos Marina, we expect that our boatyard will not be enough, so we will transform some of the car parks into berths. In addition, to meet our densities in the sea, a dynamic and flexible operation management was planned ferry berths to be converted into boat moorings.”

At the 80 boat capacity berth area, with a 75-ton travellift, a towing / throwing service is provided for boats with a maximum width of 7.25 cm. The fixed crane with boom has 3 tons (Jib Crane) capacity, and the trailer has 25 ton boat transport capacity. The fuel station, contaminated waste collection center, waste oil collection center bilge collection station and environmental recycling services are located in this berth zone.

The technical workshops, engine and machinery maintenance, electrical and electronic works, wood and carpentry works, paint and polyester service and metal works, sailing canvas, rigging and hardware works are carried out in the experienced technical workshops that can do all kinds of maintenance in the boats. The yacht market also offers boat equipment, sailing, inflatable boats, outboard engines and brokerage services.