The Excitement of Luxury: Superyachts & Monaco Grand Prix

Formula1 event bringing together enthusiasts of motorsports, art and luxury brands, immersed within a glamorous environment and exclusive access to special guests. Monaco Grand Prix annually held in Monaco, the birthplace of the F1 Grand Prix…

This weekend, Monaco will become a magnet for thrill seekers and lifestyle chasers as the yachting capital plays host to the world-famous Formula 1 Grand Prix. With the influx of UHNWs into the principality, Tommy Baldwin III of Shoreside Support has been kept on his toes. We catch up with Tommy to discover a day in the life of a CEO of one of the region’s primary provisioning services.

What could be better than being in sunny Monaco to watch the Grand Prix? …Watching it from the comfort and luxury of a stunning megayacht. And hordes of F1-enthusiasts flocking to Monte Carlo have had the same idea, including the owners of Go, Global and Serenity. “Obviously, this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for the yachting world as a whole,” begins Tommy. “The volume of yacht traffic, Formula 1 fans and tourists we see in Monaco during this time period is astonishing.”

With Port Hercules brimming with beautiful boats needing provisions, the Shoreside Support team has it’s work cut out; “This influx of visitors to the small principality of Monaco definitely brings some logistical challenges for the yachts, and that’s where we come in…” For a company that supplies 200 superyachts with anything they request across the US, Caribbean and Mediterranean; there is no task too big or request too obscure. “We can basically get them anything they need on short notice, even during this time,” says Tommy.

Yachts, Caviar and Formula 1

During this year’s Grand Prix, Shoreside Support are curating the ultimate Monaco experience. However, partnered with Petrossian Caviar, the team has a branded Itama 55 that will be visiting all of the mega yachts on Friday; And performing Petrossian Caviar Samples, as well as tastings of Caviar Infused Vodka. “We wanted to do something interactive with our clients (and prospective clients) that really contributed to the elegant traditions of Monaco and the Monaco Grand Prix.” explains Tommy. The idea is inspired – what could be more ‘Monaco’ than caviar and yachts?

With the services of Shoreside Support, this Monaco Grand Prix weekend is set to be one of the best ever. Luxuriating on a yacht, sampling caviar and also contemplating the inimitable Monaco seascape?
Of course, we know where we’d rather be!