The New Dufour 430 Grand Large

After the recent announcement of the new Dufour 390 Grand Large, Dufour Yachts keeps innovating and surprising the nautical industry with the launch of a second Grand Large Unit for 2019, the Dufour 430 Grand Large.

The Dufour 430 also completes, without replacing, the actual models of the Dufour Grand Large range composed by D310 – D360 – D382 – D390 – D412 – D430 – D460 – D520.

The D430 is a brand new project, with a new hull generation, a new roof design, and the integration of high-end equipment and new on-board technology.

The complementary and flexible interior layouts options, as well adapted to the owners market as to the charters market, fits perfectly to the range.

The Dufour 430 Grand Large will be presented in World Premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018 – with her little sister Dufour 390.