The New From Sweden: As Always – Only Better

Hallberg Rassy is working on a new mid-cockpit 40-footer. Another step in the dedicated overall renewal of the traditional type series.

With the presentation of the new Hallberg-Rassy 40C, the yacht builders in Sweden send the proven long time bestseller HR40 into retirement, which was last available in the MKII version. The suffix “C” stands for “center cockpit” which makes sense in the case comprehensible. The only slightly larger Hallberg-Rassy 412 with aft cockpit remains in the program of the shipyard. Thus, the Swedes continue to occupy the extremely important because popular length segment by 40 feet hull length with two ships and different cockpit layouts.

The new Hallberg-Rassy 40C also takes over – not surprisingly – the proven new model concept. Double rudder blades, more hull volume in the foredeck and especially at the stern, steeper Steven and a firmly attached bony trunk for additional light wind sails like Gennaker or Code Zero. The boatbuilder presented new designs with the Hallberg-Rassy 44 and further developed with the types HR 340 and HR 57. The new sailboat should now occupy the golden center.

Flexibility Options

The center cockpit of the 40C will have exactly the same dimensions as that of its larger sister HR 44. The seat for the helmsman is also slightly increased in the new ship for a good view of the ship forward and at the same time below deck for a generous headroom in the aft cabin provides. Traps and trim lines are guided within the cabin structure on two winches which are integrated in the high cockpit waste. Also, both crew and the single-handed helmsman can operate the functions.

This arrangement has already proven very well in the test of the HR44. All winches can also be equipped with electric drives and operated from the helm at the push of a button. Buyers have to decide whether they want a firmly integrated rear platform or a larger and foldable swimming platform. Flexibility is being offered by Hallberg Rassy for the first time in this form. In addition, customers can choose between fixed windshield with flexible sprayhood or with a robust hardtop. 

Hallberg-Rassy can also respond to individual requests and needs for interior design – more than ever before. The new 40C offers two different sizes for the pantry. Variance is also given aft for the master cabin, where one has to choose between a large and central island bed or two separate loungers to the side. Moreover, the decor obtained in traditional African mahogany or light oak from Europe.

The exciting sail yacht will celebrate its world premiere in January 2020 at the boot trade fair in Dusseldorf. Shipyard boss Magnus Rassy declared already a first price classification: 3,957,600 Swedish kroner should cost the new, as usual well-equipped ship with sail from the shipyard, according to current exchange rate are around 370,000 euros, excluding VAT.