The second launch of the “Jenetta”

First sunk, then saved: After extensive restoration at Robbe & Berking, Alfred Mylne’s historic racing yacht was again launched. 80 years and eight days after their first launch, the “Jenetta” touched again on last Saturday water.

Oliver Berking, owner and founder of Robbe & Berking Classics from Flensburg, has once again fulfilled a dream: five years ago, he discovered a wreck in Canada. It is the longest ever built 12mR yacht, designed in 1939, and re-commissioned on this day Saturday May 25, 2019.

At that time, only the lead keel could be salvaged, but all was transported to Flensburg for a 1.5 million euros full restoration. Approximately 20,000 working hours have flowed into the project at the classic Yachting Robbe & Berking.

Shipyard boss Oliver Berking had the wreck of the “Jenetta” lifted from the bottom of Pitt Lake and shipped in a sensational action, the keel and parts of the bow and stern section in a container to Flensburg, where the parts are joined together again to a sailing whole should.

After successful recovery from the bottom of Pitt Lake

After years of restoration, the “Jenetta” ran again last Saturday, May 25, in Flensburg from the stack. The restoration of the “Jenetta” was rather a true-to-original replica of the historic yacht, which will continue to sail in the future under its previous name for a northern European owner community.

The 21.78 meter long ship is a design by the Scottish yacht builder Alfred Mylne from 1939.

Now extensively restored Jenetta will be on her way with the goal of participating in the 12 Metre World Championship July 8 – 13, in Newport, Rhode Island, United States.