Victory 3 Rolls In Key West

In spectacular fashion, throttleman Steve Curtis and driver Elsa Mohamed Abdul Rahmanan rolled the Victory 3 boat on the fourth lap of the final race in today’s Super Boat International Key West Offshore World Championships in Key West, USA. The good news is that both of them escaped the accident without injury.

The better news is that chief photographer Pete Boden captured the entire sequence as the team went over on turn No. 1—the turn that has created the most drama during the last several years.

“We were pushing very hard as we had the lowest-powered boat in the race and we were trying to keep the pressure on Wake Effects and CRC,” Curtis said. “We wrecked on lap four or five, I think,” Curtis said. “We had done the corner and were straightening up and we caught a bit of edge on a wave.”

An accomplished racer with more than three decades of experience, Curtis is not unfamiliar with roll-overs.

“I think this about number eight for me,” he said. “But this one wasn’t very violent. It just went over.”

You can check out Pete Boden’s full sequence of the accident in the slideshow at