VQ65 Veloce By Vanquish Yachts

In development is one of Vanquish Yachts’s largest proposals, the VQ65 Veloce and they claim it probably will be the fastest 65-footer out there. They are targeting a 70-knot top speed with this Veloce (Italian for speed) model. The exterior will be developed by Guido de Groot with Naval Architecture by Studio Delta and Partners. Of course this is not their largest offering (in proposal). The Dutch yard envisions a VQ75 and a VQ90 too.

Their production builds at present range from the VQ16 through to the VQ58 and at the start of this year there were a number of VQ58 hulls in various stages of production. The VQ65 however, although it is only in development should be in theory a step up from the VQ58 for many owners of these yachts. The yard proposes blistering speed for this new model but only time will tell if they make the mark.

Vanquish Yachts proposes triple MAN V12s each with 1,900 horse power. They are to be linked to surface piercing drives. This variant is only for an accommodation setup of two guests and two crew onboard. In the event that the customer wants three guest cabins and a crew cabin the engine setup will be two 1,900 horse power engines. Therefore the top speed would be 50+ knots also utilizing surface piercing drives.

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