Yacht Mapper mobile phone app

Two years ago, the super yacht design agency Marcelo Penna Engineering of Barcelona became aware of a problem with the increasing size of the vessels – getting lost on board

This was highlighted when the interior designer of one of their yachts found herself lost inside a 154-m long yacht she had designed.

“As engineers and designers, we knew this was a problem we could solve,” said Marcelo Penna Engineering founder and director Marcelo Penna.

The aim of the Yacht Mapper mobile phone app is to provide safety and security, so it needed to work if there was a power failure on the yacht and the app could not rely on the internet or wifi, which may not be available in a blackout.

The solution was to create a Bluetooth network inside the yacht. Tiny battery-powered Bluetooth beacons are installed by Marcelo Penna Engineering throughout the super yacht as part of the Yacht Mapper App service. The Yacht Mapper app pings the Bluetooth network from the phone, giving the location of the mobile phone on a plan view of the super yacht on the screen.

Yacht Mapper goes further than a simple dot on a screen. In a blackout the captain can broadcast an alert via the mobile phone app, which will guide guests to muster points in the vessel.

As a security device, an iPod or similar can be given to day workers to guide them to work areas while restricting them from private quarters. The Captain can monitor their movements from his phone and alert security if needed.