98M Triton: ex Royal Navy vessel to be converted

98-meter ex-navy vessel Triton is now listed for sale with Ocean Independence. Jointly developed by the US and UK governments, she was most recently in service with the Australian border force. Triton is ideally suited for conversion to a state of the art superyacht support.

Triton is still in commission and is a very attractive proposition to convert to a support vessel. Currently she is lying in the UK.

Triton was a joint research project into trimaran hulls for Naval use. The key features are stability, endurance, relatively high speed and low operating costs. Triton is ready to be used as she is or we can offer a bespoke Naval Architect service to look at converting her to either a Superyacht support vessel or a Superyacht for those looking for Naval ship appearance and design.

Triton is a very capable ship that has proved exceptional as a patrol or research vessel. We also see her as an ideal candidate to convert to support vessel.

She boasts diesel electric propulsion with a range of up to 11,400 NM and 40 days endurance, extremely stable and large platform capable of handling helicopters, large tenders and yachts and is built to Royal Navy standards with additional safety features, redundant systems including spare main engine.

“Triton has served our company well during our ownership both as a survey vessel and for the Australian Border Patrol”. – Owner

“Having inspected her, this is a unique opportunity to acquire a go anywhere vessel with support yacht capabilities.” -Broker

Triton is asking €10,000,000.