El Diablo win the 2019 UIM V2 World Championship

Team El Diablo, which is formed by Clive Butler and Sammy Grima are the first champions of the UIM V2 Powerboat World Champions after the race at Marina di Ragusa, South-East Sicily, Italy.

During the offshore powerboat racing weekend, Team El Diablo won totally 29 points and then declared their Championship of 2019 season.

Marine Difussion won the the race 3 of the weekend and they collect 20 from that race but that was not enough for them to catch the trophy of year 2019. Totally seven teams battled out in Sicily.

Interceptor Remax team was the best of the racing weekend. They were very steady at the third position on both races and won in total 34 points at Sicily.

Interceptor Remax
Interceptor Remax

UIM V2 Championship was a great success for Clive Butler and Sammy Grima. They had never raced together in a powerboat before the start of this tournament but of their determination always maintained them to be always leader of championship and completed the 2019 UIM V2 powerboat Championship with 181 points.

On sunday, Race 3 of GP4 – the final race for the powerboat championship, during which Marine Diffusion placed first, followed by Interceptor Remax who battled with Cutting Edge to regain their second.

The battle at Italy also brings the Voomquest Enemed UIM V2 World Powerboat Championship season of 2019 to a close where Marine Diffusion took second place in the championship with 163 points and Freccia Blu were third place with 158 points.

Finally, 2019 UIM V2 World Powerboat Champion crowned, winners Clive Butler and Sammy Grima are now waiting the UIM Award Giving Ceremony, which will be held in Monaco on the first months of 2020.