European climate activists now sailing to Chile

Dozens of young Europeans have set off on an eco-friendly voyage to attend a UN climate meeting in Chile in December. Sailing ship leaves Amsterdam for COP25 climate summit with 36 campaigners on board.

Sail to COP25
The Regina Maris leaving Amsterdam on Tuesday on its voyage to the COP25 summit in Santiago, Chile.

Regina Maris, a sailing ship carrying 36 climate activists in their teens to 30s left Amsterdam on Wednesday last week. They are from the Netherlands, Belgium, and other European countries. Meanwhile, the trip was organized through social media.

After a seven-week voyage to Rio de Janeiro, they will travel by bus to the Chilean capital of Santiago, where the COP25 climate summit will be held in December.

The activists say sailing ships are more eco-friendly than aircraft. They plan to ask the participants at the meeting to use eco-friendly methods of transport.

One of the activists stressed the importance of having sustainable means of transport to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation.

The 36 activists are due to join the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in Santiago.

Sail to COP25

Thunberg took part in the UN Climate Action Summit in September after a two-week voyage across the Atlantic on a solar-powered yacht.

Sail to COP project Impact & Program coordinator Lena Hartog said; “The climate and ecological crises ask for a global movement and for every industry to make bold an fast changes. I believe we can build a world where sustainable travel is the standard and not the exception. I am very excited to work together to create a shared vision, hold our leaders accountable and take action.”

You can easily track the Sail to Cop project ship Regina Maris here…

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