FarSounder expands field of view

FarSounder is increasing its navigation sonars’ capabilities by broadening the field of view to up to 120 degrees. Its series of 3D forward-looking sonars currently provides users with a 90-degree field of view out to 500m and a 60-degree field of view out to 1000m. With this update, both the 100m and 200m range modes will have the new capability.

Forward-looking sonars are becoming an increasingly popular navigation aid on board superyachts venturing into uncharted waters. With this field-of-view expansion; FarSounder’s sonar will now be able to offer captains and crew more detail to aid safe navigation.

It is important for captains and crew to know as much as they can about what they cannot see below the surface. With the ability to see more of the environment around the vessel; FarSounder’s sonar systems aid in avoiding obstacles such as icebergs, reefs, large whales, or other floating objects.