FarSounder launches its latest navigation programme

FarSounder has recently launched an Expedition Sourced Data Collection programme which allows customers to record data during its vessel’s day-to-day operations across the ocean.

Experts in 3D FLS technology, FarSounder is recognised for developing products which keep vessels safe by reducing the likelihood of collisions and underwater security threats. Its latest development allows mariners to voluntarily contribute seafloor depths measured from its vessels, to give the industry more comprehensive and up-to-date navigation charts.

Each programme participant has a 5 TB data collection drive, which saves bathymetric data collected during a normal voyage. Once the drive is full it is returned to FarSounder where the process of importing and analysing the data begins. A replacement drive is sent so that recording can continue.

In addition to the internal examining of the drive – including monitoring sonar performance, processing algorithms and expanding mapping capabilities – customers who are willing to share bathymetric data will be considered for submission to the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)/ NOAA crowd-sourced Bathymetry Database (CSB).

In a recent release, FarSounder stated, “Bathymetry data sent to the crowd-sourced database will benefit global hydrographic offices and mariners in general.”

Of the data collected so far, one programme’s dataset consists of more than two million depth measurements over a span of 95 days of operation. On this particular expedition the vessel started in Boston, crossing through the Panama Canal, where it then continued south down the west coast of South America and then concluding with multiple crossings of the Drake Passage to Antarctica. FarSounder will share this data with the IHO CSB Database.

“FarSounder is excited to be able to facilitate the contribution of bathymetric data from these remote places, as in many cases they are insufficiently surveyed (according to IHO standards) to produce reliable navigational charts,” the company added.