Fata Morgana, the “SuperKiteYacht”

Meet MY Fata Morgana, a luxurious superyacht that was designed to bring attention to climate change. The yacht uses experimental “kite technology,” or wind-assisted propulsion. This allows the boat to use wind energy to help sail, therefore saving fuel.

Fata Morgana
Fata Morgana

Monaco-based designer and artist George Lucian is famous for his series of extraordinary superyacht concepts. The designers is now to amaze the yachting world with another concept, the 70-metre explorer superyacht Fata Morgana.

Fata Morgana, Italian for “a mirage,” was designed to be sailed in arctic areas, such as the Northwest Passage. The melting ice caps, caused by climate change, have made the passage easier to navigate and sail through.

The geometric yacht was designed by George Lucian, who also created designs for a concept origami-esque yacht and a yacht that can carry a blimp.

The 70-metre explorer motor yacht has been designed to sail and be chartered in the arctic areas, including the Northwest passage, which due to the climate changes and the melting of the ice caps is much easier to navigate through. Fata Morgana will come with an ice-classed hull, to be able to navigate in the arctic waters.

Fata Morgana aims to perfectly fit with the arctic landscape, with her bow resembling a rock formation partially covered in snow, and the stern having a glass structure corresponding with icebergs. This is because Lucian wanted the yacht to look camouflaged in the arctic environment it was designed to sail in.

Furthermore, from afar Fata Morgana may look like an island, just as her name suggests, referring to a complex form of superior mirage, described in the sailor’s old legends.

Techno wise, the superyacht would boast a range of 7,000 nautical miles and would be also able to navigate kite-assisted for smooth long-distance travels. Naturally, the project is designed for low emissions and waste.