Fire on superyacht Lady D finally out, investigation begins

Thalang Police today begin their inspections of the burnt-out hull of the 55-metre superyacht Lady D, which was gutted by an onboard inferno at Ao Po Grand Marina yesterday.

Superyacht Lady D caught fire at a pier in Phuket
Superyacht Lady D caught fire at a pier in Phuket

The fire onboard started at about 8am on August 8, and quickly blazed beyond firefighters ability to control.

The yacht was initially moved some 500 metres from the marina for safety as it was carrying at least 3,000 litres of fuel on board; officials confirmed last night.

Attempts to extinguish the blaze continued, but to no avail.

The Lady D was moved further from the marina last night and now rests off Koh Thanan; some three kilometers north- northeast from the marina.

The scorched hull of the boat was still smouldering this morning, firefighters told The Phuket News.

“The fire was finally completely extinguished at about 8:30am today (Aug 8). We were unable to extinguish the blaze fully overnight,” one firefighter from Patong Municipality called in to help explained.

Investigation Started
Superyacht  had now been moved to a safe location.
Superyacht had now been moved to a safe location.

Lt Col Wutthichai Kaewthong of the Thalang Police said that Forensic Science will board the boat to begin their investigation into the fire at about 2pm yesterday.

“At this stage we have no idea of the extent or the cost of damage to the boat, or what started the fire, as we have not yet been able to board the boat until this morning.” he said.

“We are exhausted from providing support from yesterday and throughout the night, and we could not board the boat an earlier as it was still too dangerous to do so.” he added.

Col Wutthichai assured that although the Lady D is still carrying a large volume of fuel; it had now been moved to a safe location.

“There is still a lot of fuel on board the boat. We will figure out with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) about what to do with this today.” he said.

Meanwhile, Phuket Marine Office Chief Wiwat Chitchertwong arrived to inspect the boat at about 9am today.

“The value of the damage done is about B240 million, according to what we have heard from the marina.” Chief Wiwat told The Phuket News.

“After the investigators have finished inspecting the boat, I will co-ordinate with the owner of the boat and have it safely moved to a boatyard.” Mr Wiwat said.

The Lady D, which came from Malaysia’s Langkawi, is owned by Britain’s Hearts Investment Ltd and is captained by Canadian Ted Blenkers, who was reportedly abroad at the time of the fire. The vessel is 179 feet long and weighs 1,285 ton gross.

Iinternational boating website Yacht Harbour reported, that as of April 2019; the vessel was listed for sale asking €5 million via Fraser.