Furuno announce the launch of new Fish Finder for TZT3

Deep Impact DI-FFAMP: it has all the power you’ve wanted…and more!

Furuno Deep Impact

Furuno Italia proudly announce the launch of his new Fish Finder power amplifier DI-FFAMP for NavNet TZtouch 3.

High-powered TruEcho CHIRP™ ensures that your echoes come back strong & clear at every depth range, displaying fish targets and bottom structure with amazing clarity.

Go deeper with more power than you thought was possible!

Every TZtouch3 MFD includes a built-in 1kW, dual-channel TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder.

Furuno Deep Impact
Furuno Deep Impact

For those looking for a higher-power CHIRP Fish Finder, Furuno has made it possible to pump up the power of TruEcho CHIRP™ by interfacing the Deep Impact DI-FFAMP to the internal Fish Finder.

Deep Impact boosts your power to a 2 kW or 3 kW CHIRP Fish Finder, ensuring that fish and bottom echoes come back sharp & clear at greater depths.

Go deepest with most powerful option BT-5

The optional booster box BT-5 makes the DI-FFAMP connectable to 5 to 10 kHz transducers.

Connect BT-5 to DI-FFAMP

Use the BT-5 connected to the DI-FFAMP in order to utilize the following transducers:
• 28F-38M (28 kHz / 5 kW)
• 28F-72 (28 kHz / 10 kW)
• 50F-38 (50 kHz / 5 kW)
• 50F-70 (50 kHz / 10 kW).

Technical limitations
DI-FFAMP has some technical limitations:

  1. The DI-FFAMP is NOT compatible with ACCU-FISH™ or Bottom Discrimination;
  2. The DI-FFAMP is NOT connectable to external Fish Finder sensors or NavNet TZtouch2 MFDs.

Availability & Price
Availability: Spring 2020
Price: Starting from 2.199,00 € VAT excluded