Garmin® adds nine marine companies to its OneHelm™ roster

Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., announced that technologies from several leading marine brands have been integrated into OneHelm; its innovative HTML5 platform designed for third-party companies that simplifies the process of controlling onboard systems to a Garmin multifunction display (MFD).

This intuitive solution makes the boating experience more automated and fluent at the helm, while also eliminating the need for multiple control displays and devices.

“OneHelm simplifies control and customization of the boat’s most crucial systems to one master source – the Garmin MFD” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. ”We’re fortunate to work with so many industry brands to incorporate their systems and technologies into OneHelm to provide added convenience, control and security onboard. We welcome these new companies onboard and look forward to adding more soon.”

Garmin is excited to announce that the systems and technologies of the following companies are the latest to have been integrated into OneHelm:

Lumitec: A leading designer and manufacturer of extreme environment LED lighting solutions. Lumitec offers a wide selection of products for marine applications, including underwater, courtesy, accent, dome, down, flood, utility and navigation lighting needs.

PowerPlex®The power of PowerPlex is the ability to design an onboard switching and automation solution around a customer’s requirements; no matter the complexity. The system easily connects and automates lighting, climate control, AC, pumps and more.

Scheiber: Scheiber specializes in the development, design and manufacture of onboard power systems for boats of all sizes to control lighting, air-conditioning, heating, generators and monitor tank levels, service batteries and more.

Victron Energy: Providing a comprehensive range of electronics products. Victron Energy offers distribution systems, batteries and chargers, inverters to isolation transformers and system monitoring.

Yacht Controller®Yacht Controller provides wireless control for yachts on boats of all sizes and 200+ brands and can be fitted to any vessel. Yacht Controller users enjoy precise control of their boats for maneuvering, docking, anchoring, rafting and more.

OneHelm is currently available for the GPSMAP® 8400/8600 MFD series. To learn more, visit: