Hawk Yachts reveals 68 metre explorer concept

Expedition yachts specialist Hawk Yachts has revealed its latest design concept for a 68 metre explorer yacht designed to be chartered all year round.

The Hawk Ranger will prove that such vessels are “viable investment opportunities”, according to the designer, and are intended to be run as “profit making enterprises”.

The company claimed the concept would “dramatically reduce costs for build management and servicing” and be capable of undertaking a 52-week charter season unlike many yachts.

Hawk Yachts chief executive Matthias Bosse said, “This approach allows owners to run the yacht as a profitable business. The super-rich are no-longer content to own trophy vessels that sit in harbour for 45 weeks of the year. Increasingly, we are seeing a desire to live and breathe experiences that are only accessible to the select few.”

Additional details about the yacht remain sparse but Hawk Yachts has revealed that the Hawk Ranger will accommodate 12 guests. The yacht will also have a top speed of 17 knots and range of 6,500 nautical miles at 12 knots.

It comes after the studio revealed designs for two explorer yachts in January; the 56 metre Cape Hawk and 75 metre Sky Hawk.