Is yacht party in Dubai in your bucketlist?

Dubai is one of the places with so many activities and landmarks that you can see going viral and when you are experiencing these activities first hand, it surely becomes a breathtaking experience.

Dubai Yacht Party

Dubai is famous for being one of the richest city in the world also, with beautiful picturesque buildings and skylines. Their location might be in a desert but a grand city has emerged from it. That is how fascinating the place is.

If you are a tourist in Dubai, you can get overwhelmed of the activities that you can do while in the city because there are just too many to mention. However, there are activities that can be a once in a lifetime experience for some. Dubai is one of the places with so many activities and landmarks that you can see going viral and when you are experiencing these activities first hand, it surely becomes a breathtaking experience.

Breathtaking La Perle

La Perle is an amazing show in Al Habtoor City that was created by Franco Dragone with the theme of Circus of the Sun. The stage alone is already beautiful with a panoramic styled in 270 degrees and did I mention that the stage is with a swimming pool where actors fly over it? This show is breathtaking and it is worth watching every second of the show.

Walking through the ancient city

Dubai was not always this modern. Centuries before, it was once a small fishing village that was found along the banks of Dubai Creek. You can get to know the cultue of the ancient city while travelling down the river by boat to see the oldest souks of spices, gold and pearls or you can go sightseeing with the old neighborhoods. Get a stopover in Al Fahidi’s district for the narrow streets with the most authentic Arab style experience.

Looking down from Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa has a fountain near it that displays water shows at night and Burj Khalifa ends it with its own building light show that is simply spectacular and very fun to watch. But did you know that you can go in the tallest building in the world? The building offers a tourist floor where you can wine and dine while looking at the city of Dubai? In addition, Burj Khalifa has one of the fastest elevators in the world, once you get to try it, riding normal elevators feel like they’re snails going.

Experiencing the desert

The trip is not complete when you have not tried the experiencing Dubai’s desert. From activities that start in the afternoon, get started with a thrill ride in an ATV, then go dune bashing that will make you think like you’re in a roller coaster but with a more real experience. Breathe and rest while watching the beautiful sunset in the desert and it this does not happen everyday that you can see an amazing view like that.

End the night with a buffet, some traditional dancing with very entertaining dancers and performers, get a henna or try some shisha this is one of the best experiences Dubai has to offer.

Skydiving on the Palm Islands
Dubai Yacht Party

Scream your lungs out while skydiving down the famous man-made Palm Islands! This activity is new and has grown in popularity over the years because technology, money and the thirst of adventure has now taken over the travel itinerary of people. Skydive Dubai has an excellent reputation for expertise and safety, also one of the top skydiving companies out there.

Sliding down the Atlantis

Famous for its ride, “The Leap of Faith” appearing on so many travel blogs or photos. Known to be the best water park in the world, Atlantis does not have any plans to loser that title. Safety is ensured while having your sliding down Poseidon’s Revenge or sliding down a tube with sharks swimming around you. The water park also has a hotel where you can get a good night’s rest in.

Yacht Party in Dubai?

Definitely a yes for a bucketlist. While you are in the luxurious city, get a feel of the lifestyle that Xclusive Yachts offers! Make your day feel like you’re shooting a movie where you’re in a yacht party in Dubai having the best moment of your life!

This activity is growing and people are lining up to get a chance to experience this luxurious activity that you only see in TV, movies and music videos. Party while you are cruising around the famous man made Palm Islands. Starting in Dubai Marina, going around Ain Wheel to Atlantis then to Burj Al Arab and ending the ride with an amazing view of the Dubai Skyline.

Aside from partying, there are a lot of additional services that you can get. From getting picked up in a luxurious transportation, dine in Xclusive’s cuisine with an array of various catering options, add watersports and jet ski, hire an Xclusive resident DJ for the party’s maximum entertainment.