Le Boat: New conditions for the owner program

Le Boat, the largest houseboat provider in Europe and Canada, has improved the terms of its owner program. A new contract term, a higher surrender value for selected boats and a higher monthly income make the owner’s program even more attractive for potential boat owners. A new brochure provides information about the improved advantages. In addition, a new video is supposed to appeal to boaters in an emotional way and interest them in the owner program.

With the promise of being able to drive a houseboat anywhere and at any time free of charge and at the same time maximize profitability from the partnership, Le Boat is now marketing the owner program more strongly than before as an investment program. Because in addition to the free use, the investment in the owner’s program may also ultimately result in a profit, depending on, for example, financing and VAT refunds. The program offers maximum security and poses no risk, because all economic parameters are completely transparent. Owing to the fixed income, the agreed transfer of operating costs by Le Boat and the guaranteed surrender value for the Horizon boats, the owner knows from the start what he gets.

The new conditions now provide guaranteed monthly rental income of eight percent of the purchase price per year instead of the previous seven percent. Regardless of whether the boat is rented or not or the owner’s own use. The term has now also been extended to eight years, which means that the owner receives money longer. In addition, Le Boat ensures a buyback value of 50 percent on Horizon boats instead of the previous 45 percent.

“Whether you are an occasional boater or looking for a way to maximize time on board, with the owner program you can enjoy time on board without the stress and expense of traditional boat ownership. We manage and rent the boat for ours Owners and also take care of repairs, maintenance work, insurance and mooring fees of the boat. So he can only enjoy the vacation and does not have to worry about anything, “says Maike Baer from the Le Boat owner program.

There are an average of eight weeks available for personal use each year. Sister boats from the Le Boat fleet can also be used. Almost 100 owners trust the company and have opted for the program. “The Le Boat owner program is a unique offer that does not exist in the form of the boat industry. With the improved conditions, we expect a growing interest from boaters who want to combine their passion for boating with maximum profitability,” said Baer. In order to further expand the business area in the future, the team that takes care of the owner program will be expanded.

The team from the Le Boat owner program will also be represented at boot Düsseldorf in Hall 13D61 in January. Interested parties can find out more about the program here. From now on, Le Boat is also working with recognized and reliable partners in the area of ​​financing and taxes in order to provide owners with all-round advice on the investment program.