Lürssen delivers 140m Project Lightning

Lürssen, one of the of the world’s leading shipyards, has delivered a 140m yacht, named Project Lightning, at the fisrt day of June.

Project Lightning
Project Lightning leaving the Lürssen shipyard

The project was known as one of the most secretive yachts in recent years and therefore, even the length was unknown until its delivery. The best guesstimate from yacht spotters is that the megayacht measures at least 130 m.

With a code name like this and such length, this megayacht had plenty of people in anxious anticipation. So what do we know about Project Lightning so far. The first time Project Lightning hit the waters was in July 2019. The yacht was spotted for the first time in December 2017, when it moved into the build Hall; to replace the then in-build Flying Fox.

There are not a lot of details known. Project Lightning’s two helipads were displayed as well as her layout look to host a large superyacht beach club. However, no designers, architects, or timeline has been disclosed.

With its completion Project Lightning will be among the top 20 largest superyachts worldwide.