Maltese marina expansion project halted amid residents’ protests

The Authority for Transport in Malta has released a planning application indicating plans to expand the marina in Kalkara from 21,000 m2 to as much as 35,000 m2. However, shortly after the plan was made public; local residents have forced the authorities to assure them that the marina will not be expanded.

Maltese Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg, from the country’s ruling Labour Party, denied the facility would be expanded after meeting Mayor of Kalkara Wayne Aquilina and other Maltese MPs.

“I assured them that the Kalkara marina will not be growing by even one centimetre.” Borg said following the meeting with local politicians. “Although we looked into the possibility of expanding, as happens with every project, I can assure everyone that this will not be happening.”

The marina is located in Malta’s Grand Harbour, offering some 120 berths to seafarers. The facility was launched based on a licence awarded in 2010.

The Authority for Transport in Malta is the regulatory body that oversees all modes of transport in Malta.