Merveille Yachting Presents 68 Meter Zero Emission Catamaran Concept

French design studio Merveille Yachting has presented a 68-meter sailing catamaran concept in collaboration with VPLP Design.

The Merveille 223W Eco-explorer has been designed with eco-responsibility in mind, resulting in a yacht capable of staying away from harbors and marinas for extended periods of time. It comes from the fledgling studio founded by Nicolas Cantenot and Jérôme Vollet.

Catamaran Concept
The 223W Eco-explorer features accommodation for a total of 12 guests Image courtesy of Aunar3D

Power comes from a fully computer operated wingsail propulsion system named Oceanwings devised by Ayro, an offshoot of VPLP.

The 68-meter sailing catamaran would have zero impact on the world’s most fragile ecosystems, according to Merveille Yachting Image courtesy of Aunar3D

Merveille said the Oceanwings provided “the safest and more performant handling you can dream of.”

VPLP co-founder Marc Van Peteghem added: “Oceanwings® provides a simple, efficient and reliable alternative to regular engines. We are delighted that Merveille Yachting has retained this solution for their breathtaking Eco-explorer.”

In 2017, VPLP revealed a 47.55-meter wingsail catamaran concept named Evidence featuring similar technology.

Alternative propulsion comes from azimuth pods when needed. The yacht also features electric batteries that can be recharged underwater and by the wind.

The interior meanwhile provides accommodation for a total of 12 guests. Fully customizable, the interior design is populated with “sustainable, local and non-rare materials”.

Other features include an on board garden for growing vegetables and an extensive use of glass to connect guests to the natural world.

Elsewhere, the yacht features a retractable beach platform that sits between the aft part of the hulls. It is also equipped with a spa/gym space, touch and go helipad, 16.7-meter swimming pool and space to store a 10.6-meter tender.