MMX45 Expedition From Malcolm McKeon

The MMX45 from Malcolm McKeon is one of those new designs that is actually practical to build as well as utilize in the environment it was designed for. Anyone knowing Malcolm McKeon’s designs are well aware they are meant for big adventure cruising in tough conditions; while providing a luxury platform for the owner and guests.

MMX45 Expedition

The MMX45 (45-meter) is at least anticipated to be able to roam for 4,500 to 5,000 nautical miles at around 11 to 12-knots. The MMX45 will be able to reach a top speed of 18 knots.

At these more sedate speeds ocean crossings are not beyond the MMX45 in theory. Should you require a bit more speed, the top end is calculated to be 18-knots. As a result of the type of yacht the aft main deck is reserved for whatever plethora of tenders and support craft that can be safely stowed. Basically RIBS, PWCs, a small submarine are all game here.

An elevated bridge, observation deck and forward and side-facing windows in the master suite provides guests with a 360-degree scope of the surrounding environment.

A crane situated on the back of the upper deck serves the aft main deck area and its tenders. It appears there is accommodation for guests in three cabins. The owner’s suite is separate from the guests and is on the forward end of the main deck. At 45-meters it also comes in under the 500 GT threshold easily.

MMX45 Expedition

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