New non-destructive corrosion detection technology

Brookes Bell is pleased to announce a major new development for the yachting industry in the field of Non Destructive Testing (NDT). The company has announced a new system to allow yards and management companies to ‘see through’ teak decking; enabling accurate assessment of corrosion levels underneath the deck before the yacht is hoisted out of the water; and before any decking is ripped up.

NDT scan showing hotspots of corrosion
NDT scan showing hotspots of corrosion 

The system works by firing a magnetic pulse through the deck and covering to the steel plating below. This produces an electrical current, with the time taken for the current to decay measured to determine relative corrosion levels underneath. This produces an electronic visual report for the user showing the spread and severity of corrosion below deck.

The NDT (non-destructive technology) system is being described as; ‘practical and sensible approach to tackling the problem of hidden corrosion in superyachts’ by the firm.

PEC - Deck
It gives everyone a clearer idea of cost

The equipment is portable so the scan can take place to suit the vessels movements. The superyacht does not have to be lifted out of the water; even be moved from the spot it’s moored in. The equipment, although hi-tech, is easily transportable and is a one, or two-man job depending on the vessel’s size. It doesn’t have to be done in the yard and can easily be undertaken in the period leading up to the haul-out, or in fact at any time and anywhere.