Outremer 55 moves closer to launching

Outremer 55

The French shipyard Outremer has announced that its new model Outremer 55 will be released in 2021.

Maritime architecture of catamaran was designed by VPLP, interior design was produced by Patrick Le Quément and Darnet Design.

Computational Fluids Dynamics models have lower drag, while allowing for higher throughput when sailing on the high seas.

All sail control maneuvers are returned to the control post, driven by winches installed to facilitate control, which allows to control the boat with one hand.

Outremer 55

One of the new features of the Outremer is the dual helm posts that can be tilted either inward, into the cabin, or aboard to the side deck. For ease of operation, helms are mounted on deflecting consoles. Thus, the steering mechanism can effectively control navigation with a closed awning.

The living area on the Outremer 55 sailing catamaran is located inside the hull. It is possible to order a catamaran Outremer 55 with a version with 3 or 4 identical cabins and bathrooms. In addition, an office, dressing room and other necessary lockers also can be equipped here. In the left side of catamaran there are 2 full cabins for guests with bathrooms.

Outremer 55

Particular attention was paid to materials in the interior and architecture. The choice fell on materials with low environmental impact, including infusion devices (such as silicone sheets) and optimized energy management on board.