Raymarine Lighthouse 3.9: the return of the sailing functions

With the new software, Raymarine’s current generation of plotter generators can also display resident courses and calculate the optimal turnaround time.

It’s been over two years since Raymarine presented the Axiom series. With the new technology based on tablet technology, an Android version of the operating system Lighthouse came on the market. In terms of ease of use and speed, a clear step forward… For sailors, on the other hand, it was a step backwards; as functions such as the residents’ lines on the map did not exist anymore with Raymarine; they had fallen victim to the elaborate reprogramming.

With the now introduced version 3.9 of the Lighthouse software return the sailing functions. The laylines, that is, resident courses, are, as with other manufacturers; also displayed as red and green lines in the map, so that it is very easy to see how the fastest course to the waypoint runs and when must be turned or held.

The instrument display of Lighthouse 3.9 now shows the course after the turn

In addition, the plotter can calculate the actual distance to be sailed and the time required for it. As basis of the laylines either fixed angles or in the plotter deposited wind strength-dependent polar data can be used. There are currently data for 200 boat types. However, own polar diagrams can not be read directly, instead the data set has to be sent to Raymarine by mail. It will then be entered in the next software update.

A Lighthouse 3.9 does not offer a start-line function. But it should follow with the next version, which according to Raymarine will be the end of June.

Lighthouse 3.9 is available for Axiom, Axiom Pro eS and gS multifunction displays and can be downloaded for free from the Raymarine website.