Sailing World Record Attempt from Hong Kong to London

After crossing the Sunda Strait, Maserati Multi70 was welcomed in the Indian Ocean by a powerful NW wind, that the trimaran took crosswind, on starboard. The crew sailed the first 450 miles in the ocean like that, slightly below the direct route to South Africa. Now the trimaran is about to cross the heart of a low pressure zone with light winds – this is the last obstacle before reaching the SE trade winds zone.

Reporting Sebastién Audigane’s words: “We are again under gennaker after a wet and quite fast night. Some birds fly over our head. They are a kind of northern gannet, similar to albatrosses. They play with Maserati Multi70 in front of the forestay, then just above the water surface, in front of the bow or in pairs crossing diagonally in front of us. In few words, the trimaran is the attraction of the day for the Indian’s local population.

Giovanni Soldini adds: “Since this morning we are crossing a lot of tropical squalls, so we took the opportunity to do some cleaning on board. We are satisfied.”