SuperYacht Rubbish

Waste Management may not be the sexiest subject on everyone’s lips right now, but it is certainly an important one. Nowhere more so than in the superyacht industry where long crossings, days at anchor and large amounts of people make discussing superyacht rubbish waste management plan the next hot topic.

Imagine, if you will, the average person creates approximately 4.3 pounds of rubbish a day, so it’s not hard to do the maths…say 5 crew, 6 guests, so 11 people x 4.3lbs x a three-day charter = 141.9. (and here we’re only discussing a smallish charter and trip, imagine your one of the big boys with 20 plus crew and countless guests…. ) That’s the equivalent weight of one ten stone person. But it’s not the weight that’s the issue, it’s the mass. And the smell and gloop and the soggy teabags and the leftover food and, yes, the smell. The combination of the above don’t make for pleasant reading, but there is a solution!

Thanks to David Gates of SuperYacht Rubbish and his waste management system, gone are those above days of annoying odours and infection risks resulting from waste on vessels that cannot be disposed for days or weeks, because cruising does not lead to a harbour with appropriate facilities for waste disposal. The innovative MARI)(naut vacuum system enables all kinds of regular waste on a vessel to be effectively isolated and disposed for days or weeks meaning that passengers and crew members will all benefit from a clean and pleasant environment on the superyacht or any vessel for that matter.

Manufactured in Germany the MARI)(naut vacuum device has been designed to assist superyacht crew on yachts of all sizes.

The product is a simple patented vacuum system that reduces and seals PA/PE bags by up to 50% and holds in all smells, liquids and even food waste. Wall mounted or available on wheels, the product is currently being supplied to new builds, refits and operational yachts.

Once the system is installed this modern high-performance system seals the waste material, while the hygiene filter prevents odours and germs from escaping. The living and working environment remains unpolluted, clean and odourless.

Typically the cost of final waste disposal in a harbour is extremely high as waste disposal is usually being charged by volume. The use of MARI)(naut vacuum system however leads to a halving of the volume of marine waste. This means a considerable cost saving of waste disposal in many harbours. Not to mention that Coastguards love hygienic disposal of waste. So you also have a minimised risk of penalties.

The bags to be used are made of compound films from PE/PA. The ultimate strength and tightness for most kinds of waste are guaranteed by the thickness of the film material (160µ), the composition of two different film materials (PE/PA) and a double sealing line.

It is possible to get the bags to match the colour coding of the boat’s waste management system, as the clear bags are each marked. This not only makes sorting easier but also actively encourages recycling.

In addition to rubbish management, the vacuum device is also able to assist interior crew as interior goods such as bedding, towels and table linen can be reduced in size and stored safely in the vacuum bags when not in use.

There are several other product that David is working on to make life aboard more pleasant and easier for every one and those are a system that turns food and dead flowers into grey water and another that turns glass into sand that can then be re-used in construction.

For David so much of this is not only about waste management, but also about the environment and helping to reduce the footprint that we leave behind by making it easier for big boats to start to implement plans that do not lead to plastic and other bits of detritus floating off into the ocean.

So for a practical, affordable, ecological solution to waste management, look no further than SuperYacht Rubbish!